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The Preceptory of the Knights of Magdalen

Chivalry and Holy Wisdom

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Ave, Sacra Sophia: Fons Nostrae Spei

A swift demand for a discussion community was raised, by several of the people who showed interest in the announcement of the Formation of the Order of the Knights of Magdalen, SFM. So, We have created such a community.

Most posts made to the Knight_Magdalen live journal will be cross-posted here, as well as other items of interest, for discussion among potential members of the Order. When the time comes for people to make Vows to the Order, a forum like this may well be used.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Order of the Knights Magdalen, we are a Social Justice Order devoted to the Five Principles of Chivalry, which can be found here:


Some people have trouble understanding our stances on the Divine Feminine, and Her relationship to human women, as well as the respect we accord women in our order. We have prepared a FAQ where we answer 16 questions and contentions regarding our philosophy, and it can be found here:


This Live Journal Community is the Preceptory of the Knights Magdalen- a place for discussing the Path of Social Service and the Religion of Action- and the Spiritual and Secular impact of following the Code of Chivalry first in your life. At this forum, we will openly discuss the Order's philosophy and goals.

May the Holy Mother bless us all: